MOTEN EVFC Tesla to J1772 Adapter

Anti-Drop Lock, 48A 250V Max

Safety First: Our MOTEN EVFC Tesla adapter is certified, reliable, and safe for ultra-fast charging. It can provide up to 48A of current output power and has a maximum input voltage of 250V AC.

Compatibility: The MOTEN EVFC Tesla to J1772 charging adapter seamlessly integrates with all Tesla charging options except for Tesla Superchargers, providing enhanced convenience for charging purposes for all EVs and PHEVs.


Current and Voltage

Current and Voltage

For your ultra-fast charging needs, this charger supports up to 48A current output and has a high current load capacity for safer car charging. The maximum input voltage is 250V AC.

Product Features

Product Features

This product is compact, lightweight, and durable with an anti-drop lock. It has IP65 protection for extreme temperatures (-22 to 122) and easy storage in a glove box.



All of our products come with a 3-year MOTEN EVFC warranty.

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