CYGNUS – eMÖTEN CMS Web & Phone App Three Years Standard

Standard – Three-Year Subscription for Level 2 Charging Stations

eMÖTEN CMS Web: Our platform provides a complete solution for managing your electric vehicle charging business. With our eMÖTEN charging management system, you can efficiently manage multiple charge points, whether they are eMÖTEN chargers or not. The system delivers real-time analytics of energy usage, utilization, and other important metrics. It also includes features such as fleet management, user management, tariff management, daily reports, and load management to streamline your operations.

eMÖTEN Phone App: Discover and navigate charging locations with ease through our EV Phone app, which offers smart charging, tariff management, payment transfers, and other features for your charging station business.

$ USD503.6

eMÖTEN Features and Benefits

eMÖTEN Features and Benefits

24/7 Customer Service: We offer 24/7 end-user support through phone and live chat to help EV drivers and site hosts.

24/7 Monitoring: Automatic monitoring detects charger faults and network errors.

Power Management: Create zones with multiple charging stations and set a load limit to avoid exceeding the sanctioned load and incurring penalties.

Revenue Collection: Our revenue management module allows revenue to be split between two or more organizations. The percentage of split can be allotted in the Assign Split section of revenue management.

User Management: Grant specific module access to your internal team (Admin, Editor, Viewer) and benefit from real-time dashboards and analytic reports.

Pricing Control: Enjoy flexible pricing options, bill by time or kWh, customize pricing schemes and discounts, and maximize energy capacity with load balancing in the dashboard.

Fleet and Driver Management: Our software optimizes fleet charging, tracks usage, and assigns vehicle RFIDs, making it an all-in-one solution for EV fleet management.

Access Control: Control access for residents, employees, or fleets through RFID and phone app.

API Access: Our platform APIs provide an easy interface to interact programmatically with eMÖTEN EV Charging Stations as well as OCPP Charging Stations running on eMÖTEN CMS/Backend.

Firmware Updates: Seamless operations with remote firmware updates and SOC 2 Type II security compliance.

Security: Our surveillance cameras at the charger site add an extra layer of security. You can watch the live feed remotely in your CMS dashboard.

Dashboards and Reports: Customizable admin dashboards visualize EV charging data.

Slot Booking: View available time slots of charging stations and book a charging slot before arriving at the station.

Hardware Agnostic: All OCPP-compliant chargers can be integrated into eMÖTEN Charging Management Software.

EV Roaming: Our support of the OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface) protocol enables you to provide your customers with EV roaming facilities.

CORSA: Cross-organization revenue sharing agreement is a smart mechanism of managing payments for charging sessions when using a public EMÖTEN charging station from your own app.

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