CRUX – 30kW DCFC Level 3 Commercial Charger (Networked)

Best for Commercial Use / Public Charging – ZERO NETWORK FEE

Are you searching for a reliable and efficient DCFC electric vehicle charging solution for commercial use or public charging without the burden of network fees? Do you want to generate revenue by providing charging as a service? Look no further than CRUX by MOTEN EVFC. This charging station promises to increase your property value, attract more visitors to your site, and provide the best ROI and fast payback due to its reliability and affordable cost. 




The CRUX is a Level 2 charging station that is designed to be the fastest and sleekest 30 KW DCFC available. Whether you need to charge your EV indoors or outdoors, this charging station can be wall-mounted or placed on a pedestal for convenience. With its impressive power output of 30 kW, you can charge up to 150 miles of range per hour with an 18ft cable CCS Type 1 Plug and a 7″ LED screen. The voltage output of the CRUX can be adjusted from 200-480Vac, making it compatible with a range of EV battery charging voltage requirements. You can also customise the colors and operate the simple and user-friendly operating system with ease. This product comes equipped with plug-and-charge, NFC, LAN/4G/Wi-Fi, and OCPP1.6J. 

CRUX EV chargers are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage, making them an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. The charger is built to last, featuring Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G and RFID compatibility with two RFID cards. It is also compliant with the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP). The CRUX EV Charger comes with our proprietary eMÖTEN CMS Web & Phone APP pre-installed, which provides a seamless charging experience for your customers and network operator. Our comprehensive system offers 24/7 customer and monitoring service, ensuring complete peace of mind. The best part? There are no additional network fees for the lifetime of the charger, as we prioritize our customers’ satisfaction.

Plus, the impact-resistant rubberized connector and three-year limited warranty in the US and Canada ensure that you get a fully certified and safe EV charging solution compatible with all EVs sold in North America. Don’t settle for less—choose CRUX for a reliable and efficient EV charging solution that meets all your business needs.

SAFETY FIRST: Exceeds NA safety standards. Energy Star, UL Listed (UL 2202, UL2231-1/-2), UVP, OVP, RCD, CCID 20, SPD, OCP, OTP, Ground Fault Protection, Pilot Fault Protection P, OTP, Ground Fault Protection, Pilot Fault Protection

TOP FEATURES: Charging speed up to 150 miles per hour

PRODUCT UTILITY: 18FT Cable with Separate Cable Organizer / Connector Holster, SAE J1772 compliant type 1 plug rubberized for impact resistant, IP65 / IK08 for Indoor / Outdoor installation

OCPP COMPLIANT: The charger is equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID, and comes with two RFID cards. It complies with OCPP standards

ZERO NETWORK FEE: The CRUX EV Charger includes our eMÖTEN CMS Web and Phone app for a seamless charging experience. There are no additional network fees for the charger’s lifetime, which prioritizes customer satisfaction.

eMÖTEN CMS WEB & PHONE APP: Introducing a comprehensive charger management software that offers an array of features such as power management, 24/7 customer service and monitoring, revenue collection, pricing control, vehicle management, API access, access control, security protocol, firmware updates, site administration, charger diagnostics, notifications, dashboards, and reports for efficient fleet management.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Best for Commercial Use / Public Charging (Charging as a service)

PRODUCT STYLE: CRUX Comes in two different colors: Grey/Green, Silver

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Current: 60 A, Adjustable 60 Hz

Connectivity: LAN, Wi-Fi, RFID, OCPP 1.6J compliant

AC Input: 208/480 Vac, 60 A

DC Output: 30kW @480V

Display: 7-inch LCD

User Authentication: ISO 14443 A/B or ISO 15693/NFC

Charge Cable Length: 18 ft

Connector: Impact Resistant Rubberized J1772 connector

Enclosure: IP65 / IK08 for Indoor or Outdoor installation, NEMA TYPE 3R

Operating Temperature: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

What’s In The Box

What’s In The Box

CRUX EV Charger 

Two RFID card

User manual

Hardware for installation



3-year limited warranty

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